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The Rear End Shop realizes that our customers in Santa Rosa and the greater Sonoma County community are the most valued assets of our Santa Rosa area differential & rear end repair shop. We are always happy to receive testimonials from customers and equally happy to share their feedback with you! So if you live in Santa Rosa or the surrounding Sonoma County area please consider our shop for all your rear end and differential repair and service needs.

Jessica B. from San Francisco California

This place is dynamite! The guys who run this place are on top of it.They worked with me to give me the best possible price. If you need this kind of work done on your vehicle your car may as well be in intensive care. I got quotes from shops from San Francisco all the way to San Jose, no one beat the prices & the service here. It is worth the time & savings to go to Santa Rosa. Thanks to them my car lives and drives!

James O. from Rohnert Park California

Great prices! Super fast turn around. Brought my Toyota thirds in for some work, and have brought my Ford in for repair work. I grew up in shops, my Dad owns a garage, and I have no problem recommending this place to all the customers and my friends.

Katie R. from Petaluma California

I have never been to such an honest, efficient, well priced mechanic in my life! This place is amazing, and I never thought I would say that about a mechanic, but truly they are a special place! I brought in my 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer when she was making a horrible grinding noise in the rear. I was referred to them by my regular neighborhood mechanic in Petaluma. I had recently purchased my wagoneer, so I asked them to go over some other issues I was having in addition to the rear end, and they were able to fix her right up! They worked on the front end (they also have "The Front End Shop") and fixed some engine and alignment issues. Dan, the owner, is so nice and gives it to you straight and doesn't try to get you to do anything that you don't need to. Their prices are good and fair. All the other guys are very nice and helpful as well. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but as a woman I often feel like I should have my husband deal with mechanics, but I didn't feel like that here at all. Dan showed me everything that needed to be done, I was under my car looking at things I never thought I would, and he explained everything so well, I feel like I had a little crash course in mechanics! I highly recommend this shop to anyone!

Jon Iverson from Healsburg California

I had the limited slip differential on my 1972 BMW 3.0 CS repaired and after a while it started to leak. After a couple of false starts and inspections to the rear-end. Dan made it all right. I was very satisfied with his honesty, tenacity and willingness to make it right ,even though some of it was on his own dime.

Brant Minetti from Santa Rosa California

The owner Dan is very honest went above and beyond making the vehicle right . The repair was explained in detail and the work performed exceptionally well. The vehicle operates as expected. Their pricing is very fair. I would highly recommend this shop. Thank you Dan and your staff for a very fine job.

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